There will always be too much hype when it comes to Frank Ocean because he is one of the most anticipated headliners at the Coachella, which makes it impossible to overestimate the excitement around his appearance. People are expecting new music that might be released and first heard in the said performance, which will be his comeback after his latest contributions to culture were 2016’s Blonde and an appearance on The Life of Pablo.  They are also excited because the hype was totally ruined because of the pandemic which cause the delay of him being a headliner of the event. Frank was also mourning the tragic loss of his younger brother Ryan, 18, who passed away in a vehicle accident in August of the same year.  And this became a piece of tragic news across the globe.

And now the time has finally come where he will perform on the big stage and as the roster was revealed, he was expected to perform like never before. But that was only an expectation as everyone watching the event life or even those who watch the live stream were shocked by the turn of events. 

The headliners like BLACKPINK and Bad Bunny gave their all when it comes to their performance, especially the whole atmosphere that they gave to the audience which they rightfully deserve as this is a prestigious event that people pay their own money for. Headlining the official Coachella stage entails having all the tools necessary to put on a strong performance, which is to be expected honestly because it is every performer’s dream, to step up on the Coachella stage where thousands of audiences can see them live and over million in lives streams. 

But then there’s Frank that’s over an hour late with his performance. The show didn’t begin when it said it would. Every few minutes, a random single note would be played by an instrument. On the jumbo screens, a group of hooded individuals that we took to be dancers moved in a circle silently for eight minutes. People were starting to question what was happening because he was supposed to perform and is expected to give a huge comeback from his long hiatus. People were already tired of waiting and the audiences started to go little by little as they are expecting a jampacked experience as what was done by the artists who already performed even though they aren’t even headlining that day. There were also videos taken on what was happening and they don’t have any news whatsoever because no one is there to announce something. people just turned their emotions from excitement to disappointment because who wouldn’t? You’re literally in the middle of the desert and there are so many people, and you came there for him and he’s missing in action. 

The time came when he arrived and everyone was getting their hopes up because he was already there, maybe he will give something that will make up for the time that was already wasted but to be frank, he didn’t. from astonishing lights to a simple set, from dancers who gives their all on stage to dancers who does not know what to do because the set was seemingly out of the plan and the show was even cut short to almost 30 minutes. People don’t want to compare but it truly is comparable especially if you paid for it. There were times when the people observed the celebrities and their entourages making their way to the front from a VIP area that was crowded from a distance. However, However, certain people can testify the wild headliners will surely turn that place into a mosh pit because to be fair, emotions cannot be controlled when you’re having fun and people were passing out continuously as this type of event run wild. But Frank Ocean was virtually invisible, save for the screens, no matter how near you got to the stage. If you were compelled to headline before you were ready. He should’ve just declined the offer if he cannot make it. It’s been widely reported that he wears slides on stage because he injured his ankle earlier in the week. However, as someone who has a legitimate ankle and toe injury and worked all weekend, I can’t imagine that my injury would prevent me from even just sitting down and performing for my fans if I was in a good mood. Being late is understandable because there are several of the musicians throughout the weekend began their sets late, but Frank’s was by far the worst because it started just about an hour after curfew. This was severe and should be criticized by people. 

People are asking themselves what the main reason was why this happened. Some people speculate that maybe he was not that fully recovered because of his brother’s death which is understandable because people nowadays are into mental health awareness. But some say that he should perform because he committed to it and there are so many fans out there who paid and worked hard just to see him perform live. All of these popular in-topic opinions are circling all social media sites and some canceling him, you can know more about this term on this cannot be helped because everyone is expecting something that is not there. This confused everyone who was not there, people are saying that they should have just waited there, that they shouldn’t say a thing to him. They just need to understand him, they must have forgotten that it was die-hards that waited in the heat of the desert all weekend and the music shortage for the previous seven years to see him live on Sunday, ardent fans argue that the crappy Coachella audience is being unfair to their favorite. The crowd’s response was astonished surprise rather than hateful actions. Anyone who has friends or family who battled addiction is familiar with this sense of shocked astonishment.  the dreadful, heartbreaking emotion experienced by everyone who has battled depression or knows someone who has lost the fight. If it was a so-called experimental show, it will still feel unfair to everyone present, including Frank Ocean. He is Frank Ocean, not Andy Kaufman. And it’s quite unlikely that he will be the main attraction at Coachella this year’s second weekend.

All of this is to say that because people don’t know this man personally, no one can confirm any of the theories about his mental state or the circumstances surrounding such a painful performance. However, this article would like to share with online users, who are constantly looking for a take, to be more understanding and give something truly chilling a moment to sink in, and not cancel him right away just like those in if there will be people who will read this, please be gentle to the person even if they made a bad decision because, at the end of the day, he is still a human that might be dealing with some stuff that people don’t know about. But it is important to release this type of sentiment because there are people out there who can’t feel any inch of guilt when they do this to their audience.



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